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Hey there, I’m Lori Jean Buongiovanni. I’m a licensed real estate agent specializing in buying and selling residential homes in Maryland. I listed my first home in 1987 in Beverly Hills, California.  Within a few years, I picked up and moved to Maryland to start a family. I raised three kids and two horses here and renovated a historic home before going back into the home game by starting my own boutique granite fabrication shop, Granite Grannies. For nearly 20 years, I helped thousands of my neighbors in the Greater DC area create their dream homes and turn their investment properties into must-have listings. If it’s time to buy or sell your home, let me be your inside guide to the challenging world of real estate. 


What sets me apart from other agents? Well, I genuinely care about my clients (just ask my Granite Grannies customers) and their homes. That’s why I’m back in the real estate business . But on a more practical note, my thirty years of diverse experience navigating the home industry have given me a real sense for home value and sustainable real estate investment. 


When I am selling a home, I think every one of your pennies matters.  I know you have worked hard for your money and that your home may be a large part of your portfolio.  Maximizing your profit margin comes down to strategic marketing. The more views we get the greater our opportunity to sell your home at the top of the range. I market your home on hundreds of real estate platforms, use the very latest in digital marketing to capture our buyer avatar and spare no expense on digital ads and retargeting on every platform. Additionally, I have been preparing homes for sale for 20 years. Knowing what modifications get the highest return on investment is critical to our success. I partner with my clients for a dynamic approach to home selling that has proven results. Let’s talk about your home. Call me


Buying a home is buying a lifestyle not just a floor plan.  What’s your dream lifestyle? Waterfront living, a horse farm on acreage, a neighborhood, condo, or an historic home? From cottage to castle, I work with all types of homes in all lifestyles.  To find you the perfect home, I have a secret trick - I LISTEN to you. Let’s Talk


I know you work hard for your money and I am committed to protecting what you have earned. 


My Specific Skills 


When it’s time to sell your home, I believe you should neither waste your hard earned money, nor pass up a positive return on investment.  After 20 years of working with exotic natural stone for custom homes, my eye for detail is proven. Being able to pinpoint necessary improvements to create a pleasing look and feel is important pre-sale work. Anyone who visits your home already knows its location, (location, location) but in the end it is an emotional sensation that sells your home. Knowing precisely where to invest is critical to boosting your profit margin.


Keep in mind that improvements to your home can only pay off if you have extraordinary market exposure.  My marketing skills are born out of 20 years of owning a business in a ruthlessly competitive market. Besides esthetically pleasing photos and well crafted write ups  on your home, I will direct the marketing strategy at the highest level of marketplace engagement by utilizing over 800 real estate specific platforms as well as general market platforms (such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Yelp)  while engaging in behind the scenes market retargeting strategies. My team of marketing professionals are constantly adapting to platform changes and utilizing up to date techniques on your behalf.  


Effectively selling a home in today’s mobile economy is considerably more complex and competitive than merely entering an MLS listing. Powerhouse (pun intended) marketing is crucial. Meeting the exciting challenge of selling a property at the highest margin is only possible with the right experience.


If you are buying a home, I use an old fashioned technique called “LISTENING”.  My job is to hear you, possibly blend a couple's desires and dreams, then work hard to source the right property and negotiate on your behalf. People never just buy a home, they buy a lifestyle with the right floor plan. 


Although I sold real estate in Beverly Hills, and surrounding area,  CA many years ago, it is my experience as an entrepreneur in Maryland that I bring to my real estate work. Through my granite countertop company, I have helped thousands of homeowners add value and sellability to their homes.  Good old midwest common sense (I was born and raised in Wisconsin) coupled with living and traveling extensively abroad has given me a skill set ideally suited to helping you sell or secure a home.

Buying a home is a lifestyle not just a floor plan.

My marketing skills are born of 20 years of owning a business  in a ruthlessly competitive market.

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