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Updated: Oct 25, 2022


You might be surprised to learn that you can own a small horse farm within 40 minutes commute of DC for under $500k. If you are willing to fence and build your own run-ins or even a barn you can buy a nice home on 5-10 acres for $500k in Prince George’s County. Because horse farms occupy over 200,000 acres of farmland in MARYLAND, you never drive far before seeing rolling hills dotted with gorgeous horses. Owning horses is a fantastic lifestyle and Maryland is the perfect state for it.

Marylanders have been breeding Thoroughbreds for more than 250 years, so it's in our blood. The horse breeding and racing industry’s economic value in MD is triple all other sports combined. Even excluding recreational equine activities, tourism, and the economic enhancement to real estate values, the horse industry is worth approximately $1.1 billion annually. For such a small state with so much coastline that is impressive. But what it means is that Maryland is for horse lovers.

If you have ever, consciously or unconsciously, considered owning a horse, Maryland is the state for you.

Since horse farms are ubiquitous, you can economically board your horse at a farm not far from where you work and live. Or, better yet, buy a small horse farm within commuting distance to Washington, DC, Baltimore, Annapolis or any military base. Naturally, the closer you get to DC, the more costly the farm will be. But which county you chose plays the greatest role in the cost. Montgomery County has great proximity but horse farms within 40 minutes of DC are going to start close to $1 million and blast up from there. Alternatively, Prince George's County offers horse farms with much more land, within a 40 minute commute to DC, starting around the $500k mark. While there are horse properties that cost well into the millions in Prince George’s County, you can find homes with 5 to 10 acres and a nice house starting around $400K. I have watched clients and friends transform five plus acre properties into charming farmettes. In some cases you may have to put up your own fencing and possibly a barn, but for the cost difference to other areas around DC, Prince George’s county is a great bargain.

When we bought our historic home in Prince George's County, we were not thinking about horses even though there was a barn on the property. But because horses are such a common part of the scenery, my daughter became interested and started taking lessons at a barn near our home. Within a few years we acquired Stanley, a beautiful white pony with a long main, and a sassy attitude. We updated the stalls, put down matts and added fencing to our property. We did the fencing ourselves and it wasn’t that costly. Having his adorable self gallop up to the fence when we pulled into our driveway was a delight. We added a quarter horse named Bo a while later. Having horses while the kids were coming up was a great experience.

I did not start riding till I was in my 40’s and I never would have thought of it had we not moved to Prince George’s County. But horse riding has become an important part of my life and I am richer for the experience. I have several friends who rode horses when they were young, but hadn’t ridden in years when they decided to find it again. It is marvelous to return to something you loved as a child. Having horses in my life feels like a dream. Being able to cantor across an open field is a big accomplishment to me.

I no longer keep my horse on my own property so I love the opportunity to help out horse-owning friends when they go out of town. Getting to the farm in the morning and watching five horses gallop to the gate for feeding time is incredible. The sweet barn smell, cats meowing for breakfast and horses chomping on their feed satisfies all my senses and makes the real world disappear. I never get tired of watching these amazing beasts run back out to the field after breakfast. The young ones race around in big loops, kicking and bucking while the older ones start the day's grass munching.

I personally live and ride in the rural tier of Prince George’s county for many reasons. First, the county is un-congested, quiet, and beautiful. Secondly, the commute to DC is 40 minutes which is great for work, but also culture. But the best reason to live and ride in Prince George’s County are the parks and trails. Patuxent River Park comprises over 6000 acres and has miles of trails along the scenic river. The park also has wonderful open mowed grass fields for safe practice riding. There is a wonderful variety of horse riding communities. I see groups of western riders, English riders, and hunters down at the park. Rosaryville Park has almost 1000 acres with trails galore, a pond to go through, and mowed grass fields. There are also horse events held at Rosaryville and other parks in Prince George’s County. You can find any variety of horse events in Prince George's County from international horse events to local children's equestrian competitions held at the Equestrian Center; rodeos, polo, polocross (cool cross between polo and lacrosse), dressage, pony clubs, and more.

There are loads of horse riding schools for your youngsters. Even if mom and dad are not horse people, riding lessons are a fantastic way to introduce animal care and provide a unique experience for children.

As a realtor I have helped people realize lifestyle goals. I feel like it is my way of giving back. Twenty years ago we had a realtor who heard things we didn’t even say. She found an historic home with a barn and land. Before buying this wonderful home, we had never owned or even intended to own horses. But one thing led to another and a lifestyle was born. I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful place to experience a full life. Call me and let's change your life.

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