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My support doesn't end at the closing table. I seek to be your real estate professional for life, and I'll counsel you on home improvements, valuation, refinancing, and future investing. Here are what my clients have to say about me.

5 Stars | Google Review from Cleford Forsang

If there is someone I have enjoyed encountering the most, the person is Lori Jean B. Lori and I met, and just a few weeks down the road, I was in an amazing loving house, the house of my dreams. Lori is so nice and especially real. She hasn't changed an ounce since I knew her about a year ago. While maintaining her professionalism, she can't just stop being a mother, mentor, friend, and coach. I now know much about the real estate world than ever just within this short period of time. She really fights for the interest of her clients, and she wins.  I would recommend her for any real estate transactions or deals.

5 Stars | Google Review from Amy McPherson

Lori is the best real estate agent I have ever worked with.  She is responsive, caring, and really engaged with us to be sure we were purchasing the right home for us. When it came time to negotiate with the seller, she was savvy and prompt and got us a great deal.  She was on top of the whole inspection and closing process. She made the most stressful parts of the home-buying process easier with knowledge, confidence, and humor.  I recommend her without reservation, there is no one better!

5 Stars | Google Review from Maelim Gonzalez

Lori has been nothing short of amazing. Attentive, driven, and on top of the REALTOR® game. As a first-time home buyer, I was unsure of the steps to follow, but Lori was there with me every step of the way! She knew my “must haves” and opened me up to new possibilities. More importantly, Lori was able to negotiate my wants in this very tough housing market.

If you are looking for an attentive and driven REALTOR® with great attention to detail, Lori is it!

5 Stars | Google Review from Genie Hoover

Lori helped us find our dream home! Her expertise in the field helped us successfully purchase a home at the most competitive time in the market, and her personability ensured she knew exactly what we wanted. We are very happy with our final outcome and would recommend her services to anyone!

5 Stars | Google Review from Vickie Lindsey

I purchased my home using FaceTime. I lived two days away when I started talking to Lori. She has a sweet and kind demeanor. So when I finally met her, she was everything I imagined. My husband is retired Army, and she understood his military aggression. We love our home! Thank you, Lori, for understanding what we wanted and for your kind heart! A true blessing.

5 Stars | Google Review from Grace Wiredu

If you are reading this please do not look anywhere else because Lori goes above and beyond to make sure you get the best service ever. She loves what she does, and that is what makes her different from the others because is not about the money for her but the overall satisfaction of her clients. She is very upfront in terms of expectations, the game plan, and how to execute the plan. She was always available to answer every question or point us to the right channel. She is very flexible, so if you are busy like me then that is a huge plus. In terms of negotiation, I don’t think anyone can beat her to that. If I have to re-do this process all over again, Lori will definitely be on the team. I will recommend her to anyone looking for a REALTOR®.

5 Stars | Google Review from Rhonda Johnson

Lori made this first-time home-buying experience a joy. I came to her a nervous wreck. Along the way, she inspired me to not only NOT settle and to go for what I wanted, but to also learn as much as I could about the process. What I gleaned from her during our journey has gone far beyond just purchasing a home, but maintaining and growing my investment!

5 Stars | Google Review from Arianna Garton

Lori was phenomenal! We purchased our first home last year, and Lori guided us through every step and made sure we ended up in our perfect starter home. We closed on our home 2 weeks after our first child was born. Even a year later, she continues to guide and help us as we navigate first-time parenthood and first-time homeownership.

5 Stars | Google Review from Sue Rosche

I am very skeptical of REALTORS® as I have encountered a number of shady ones. Working with Lori Buongiovanni was a pleasant surprise. Here's why:
1) She is honest
2) She actually works in YOUR best interest (not her own)
3) She knows the real estate business.
4) She will work her tail off for you
5) She'll get you the maximum $$$ for your house at a fair fee

I almost listed my 5 + acre farm with a realtor who was going to put up a sign, write up a listing, and sit and wait. Then Lori came along and, in a whirlwind, changed all that. She quickly conducted thorough comps of the area and listed my house for $80,000 MORE than the first REALTOR®. Recognizing my house needed some work to get the maximum for it, she brought in a team to clean out the junk in my barn and house and make repairs. All at a very fair price for me. She spent 4 FULL DAYS at my house, helping haul stuff, sort through stuff, repair stuff, mulch, etc. She gave me spot-on guidance throughout the entire process and was always available when I needed her. She tackled several obstacles that came up along the way in my favor - including an error the appraiser made that could have cost me $25,000. I can't recommend Lori highly enough!!!!!

5 Stars | Google Review from Kimberly Everett

Working with Lori Jean was the best Real Estate experience that my husband and I have ever had. She is knowledgeable and skilled, and at the same time, patient and kind. (rare combination!!)


We purchased our dream home in the midst of this crazy market, and I have Lori Jean to thank for it. She had a great eye for what we wanted, and she went after it. We started looking in February 2021, and by April 12, 2021, we had found the perfect house, had negotiated to have all closing costs paid, and were at the settlement table. She negotiated the terms in our favor and made the entire process pleasant.
This Real Estate market is CRAZY right now. If you're looking for a home, 
I highly recommend her to my friends and family. Working with her was like working with a trusted friend, and I know that we won't use anyone else from now on.

5 Stars | Google Review from Hannah H.

Lori helped my husband, and I buy a home in a housing co-operative. She was able to quickly do her research and come up to speed on this unique housing situation and helped us prepare the winning bid in a very competitive situation in which the smallest details got us a counteroffer, and everyone else just got a no. It's our dream house, and I was so glad to be in such capable hands for our first time buying. She was so helpful with the loan process as well. Thanks, Lori!

5 Stars | Google Review from Corey Smith

Lori Jean is awesome to work with! As a lender, having a responsive, hands-on REALTOR® is key to a smooth transaction. She is always available, responsive to my and her client's questions, and always has her client's best interest. Lori Jean is awesome at what she does.

5 Stars | Google Review from Esther and Demiya Forsang

Lori is an awesome agent. She helped us get our house within a very short period. I like the way she follows up every day to ensure that we are happy about the house we have chosen. Thanks a lot for all your assistance.

5 Stars | Google Review from David Beebe

Lori Buongiovanni did an outstanding job getting my house ready for sale, and it sold in only a couple of weeks!

5 Stars | Google Review from Reuben Johnson

Great REALTOR®, helped me in a crunch to find the right place and price in a short period.

5 Stars | Zillow Review from Rita Griffin

I had the pleasure of working with Lori at the tail end of 2022, having first met her 6 months prior at an open house. She was very relatable and seemed knowledgeable and experienced. I felt comfortable sharing my struggles with first-time home buyer anxiety. After our initial meeting, she continued to check with me periodically. When I expressed that I was ready to go full throttle, she began to arrange house viewings and accompanied me on every visit. She was ambitious yet patient and took the time to understand what I wanted in a house and neighborhood. This helped me narrow down my focus to a few neighborhoods, which had been overwhelming for me. I closed on my home on January 4, 2023. I'm happy with my home and the area. I don't know if I would have been here at this moment but for Lori's work ethic, professionalism, and compassion. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking to buy a home. Especially those who are nervous to take the first step.

5 Stars | Zillow Review from Vickie

Lori is the subject matter expert when you decide to purchase a home. She has a positive attitude and the ability to motivate you, even when you think the process isn’t going well. When all is well, and you’re comfortable in your home, she continues to check on you. She will be your friend because she is friendly. I would recommend Lori to family, friends, and strangers. She is that good!

5 Stars | Zillow Review from Amy and Mike

Lori is the best real estate agent I have ever worked with. She is responsive, caring, and engaged with us to ensure we were purchasing the right home. When it came time to negotiate with the seller, she was savvy and prompt and got us a great deal. She was on top of the entire inspection and closing process. She made the most stressful parts of the home-buying process easier with knowledge, confidence, and humor. I recommend her without reservation, there is no one better!

5 Stars | Zillow Review from David

Lori did an outstanding job of helping me get my house cleaned out. She helped me sort out what I wanted to keep, which items I could donate to charity, and what needed to be thrown out. Lori then helped arrange for a complete renovation of the interior of my house, including getting the bathrooms cleaned and replacing the entire kitchen. On her recommendation, we had the house staged, which led to a fairly quick sale. At all times, she was the consummate professional and was very much looking out for my interests, not her own. She went above and beyond in getting this all done.

5 Stars | Zillow Review from Eric Morgan

Lori was a fantastic REALTOR®. She was very professional, flexible, and patient. Not only did she help me find the house I was looking for, but she checked off all of my location, must-haves, size, and lot size. She also helped me find local contractors to help me with my renovations. Finally, she brought me a congratulatory gift for closing. She we well over and beyond. I could not have asked for a better REALTOR®.

5 Stars | Zillow Review by Maelilm Gonzalez

Do not let the 1 year of experience in her Real Estate Professional profile fool you. Lori is intelligent, highly driven, and quite savvy when it comes to the ins and outs of real estate. Lori has proven that she is a savvy professional in negotiations. Her knowledge in industry trade techniques makes her a great asset to your home buying/selling team. As a first-time home buyer and a transplant to the state of Maryland, Lori was able to provide an impressive amount of knowledge about the local areas we viewed. She enlightened me on things such as neighborhood schools to nature trails, and all things in between. Here responsiveness to text and email is nearly bar none, and as a person who needs to be in the know at all times, this was both refreshing and alleviated so much stress. Lori is candid (which is much appreciated), but she is also there with you every step of the way, but more importantly, she is there genuinely so. Needless to say, I couldn’t have asked to have a better real estate agent. I recommended a friend to Lori, and now my friend is a first-time home buyer! What more do you need to know!

5 Stars | Zillow Review from Hannah Hethmon

Lori took care of everything to get my dad's house sold after he passed. I don't know what we would have done without her, considering my brothers and I live all over. She told us exactly what needed to be done to get it ready for sale (no small feat), had beautiful professional photos taken, did all the marketing, and got us a really good offer with only a few showings. Not to mention guiding us through the closing process. My husband and I will be moving to the area soon to buy our first home, and I will definitely be counting on Lori to guide us through the first-time home buyer process and help us find our first home! She's already given us some great advice on what to think about and prepare before we start looking, which has been really helpful.

5 Stars | Zillow Review from Renee Williams

Lori was great to work with as a REALTOR®. She knows historic homes and knows local connections for critical work! she was also super helpful as o moved in and made sure the process was smooth.

5 Stars | Zillow Review from Melanie Cote

Lori, from the get-go, was ready and eager to find us the right property for us. She was always on time at each showing and was willing to spend countless hours searching the market for the right property. When it came down to it we decided to build new, and we couldn’t have asked for a better realtor by our side through the process. She asked all the right questions for us and always gave her honest opinion. I would recommend her 100% she will get the job done.

5 Stars | Zillow Review from Rob

Lori is the hardest-working agent in real estate, in my opinion. I feel that she went above and beyond for me in the sale of my home. She had answers to all my questions and excellent advice for all my concerns. My home needed some work before it was listed, and Lori helped me figure out what was in my best interest to do and what wasn't. Her knowledgeable advice saved me from spending time and money on things I didn't need to. She was so helpful every step of the way and with an impressive energy level that shows that she's a motivated kind of person that gets things done. Helping to move furniture, picking out paint colors and flooring, cleaning, gardening and all her helpful input enabled me to get my house on the market and sold quickly for a price that I was very happy with.

5 Stars | Zillow Review from Shay

Lori was great! She was extremely helpful and professional. As a first-time home buyer, I had many questions, which Lori answered promptly. She went the extra mile to make me comfortable throughout the entire process. I plan to work with her in the future and would recommend her to others.

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