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From cottage to mansion, I service all manner of properties. Whether you are interested in buying or selling a farm, waterview property, condo, home on acreage, or a home in an established development, I am here to help you



I know you work hard for your money and I believe you deserve the best margin possible.  Supply and demand are the machinery of price, but demand can be manipulated with smart marketing.  The more views your property gets, the greater the demand. The greater the demand, the better the margin.  My marketing team will situate your home on hundreds of real estate platforms, use the very latest in digital marketing to capture our buyer-avatar and manage digital ads and retargeting on every platform. Additionally, I have been preparing homes for sale for 20 years. Knowing what modifications get the highest return on investment is critical to our success. (please check my FREE Home-Ready Service) I partner with my clients for a dynamic approach to home selling that has proven results. I look forward to talking to you about your home. Lori Jean




Finding a home that meets your financial goals AND satisfies your best LifeStyle is exciting.  Twenty some years ago my husband and I bought a home that changed our lives. I never imagined that we could own an historic home with a barn and ultimately own a horse for our daughter. Our family embarked on a new lifestyle because we had hired an excellent agent who listened to us.  Sue has since retired but I have modeled my real estate practice after her's.  I know what it feels like to be well served by an expert and I will always give you the careful attention that such an important purchase deserves.  Whether you want a home in a neighborhood, a horse farm, water front, condo, or historic gem, I look forward to working together. Sincerely, Lori Jean.


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